Our Untold Stories…

A photo by Florian Klauer. unsplash.com/photos/mk7D-4UCfmg

The buzz word in town these days is nothing but the biopic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, “Dhoni: the untold story”. The movie depicts not only the success story of Captain Cool but also conveys a few lessons worth remembering.

Each one of us has plethora of untold stories associated with our life’s ups and downs and they are equally inspiring at times as do the stories of successful achievers, then why many of us could not convert them into big ones?  This is probably what you read between the lines while going through “Dhoni…”  It is about how desperately you want to achieve something. He kept on fighting with his inner self, a safe govt. Job or the risk filled journey of his passion. Most of us lose this fight on every month’s date 1, when the paycheck gets credited in our accounts and we get sufficient to defer this question, at least till the paycheck allows us to.

How many of us are ready to board the train Mahi boarded from that platform that day?

Another beautifully message-woven conversation depicted in the movie comes when Sakshi and Mahi had a discussion over phone;

She: “My world is not like your world, nor it is as big as your world…”

He: “My world is as small as a cricket kit bag…”

I couldn’t think of a better way to convey the message, “Think Small, Think Focused” His world was not what we saw, his world was what he saw, only the cricket kit and cricket, rest all followed. We are so busy being busy in things that do not even matter to our lives that we often lose the track of what and why we started for. Currently the irony is that our education system also tells us to go general and not to go specific, our managers want to go for everything, and our engineers want to go for everything and who not.

How many of us are ready to go focused and to go specific in our lives?

Once my mentor told us in a session that “90% of the world is a victim of  people who impress with their personalities but ditch with their characters”.

Believe me this world is in scarcity of not the engineers, not the managers, not any politician or any celebrity, rather it is in dire need of one class of people “The Passionate Ones”, It has 100% placement records too.

Let your Untold Story come to the world, who knows how many exceptional stories are waiting to be sprouted by yours…


Desperation kills the passion…

He was upset. I asked what happened. He replied, “It was all planned; I had everything ready in my think tank from how to attack to how to finish, but nothing worked out as per the plot.”

I asked, “Why so?”

He said, “I don’t know why but I had worked really hard this time and was much more attentive than ever. Still, it was a sheer failure, the worst performance ever.”

“I think you are pushing too hard. It is not flawless anymore. Let me take an example; have you ever seen a star player when he is out of form? “

He replied, “Yes, I do have”

“Why such a player with many records in his name and with appellations like master-blaster, the great wall, seems to be struggling in his own forte?”

“Why?” he replied.

“Anything that gets out of its comfort zone tries to get back there and in this pursuit desperation drives it and not the passion. He tries to hit the ball too hard and every time he tries harder, he struggles even for the singles. He performs a class act, a masterpiece, his magnum opus when passion is the driver; he is nowhere, even not around his own average when desperation is the driver.”

“Sometimes, struggling against the flow is not the wisest of the choices, instead going with the flow and taking some quality moments out for self realization on what can be done works better …”

He was looking calm, although not completely satisfied, but surely contemplating something. Maybe he was preparing to go with the flow, if not for long, at least till he discovers a better path…

Isn’t it a better choice to continue our daily acts of practice when things are not going our way? How will they if we will not be ready when an opportunity will knock? Somebody has said it to perfection, “When things are not going Right, turn Left!  😀 “

It was never your desperation who made you achieve great things, it was the silent player Passion who does not claims credit but always perseveres through harsh terrains. Go; give him the keys, for only he can drive you to the places you aim for…