The Troubled Child of our Imagination

“Forrest, Life is like a chocolate box, you never know what you’ll get…” Yes, the famous conversation between a mother and her child from the movie Forrest Gump.


“Thank you for forcing me to travel and to visit here, I missed this place so much.” She told him.

I didn’t do anything, it was your will that won over the conflict within yourself.” He replied.

Life is surrounded by so many uncertainties, which sometimes not only bewilder us but also bring forth a plethora of doubts in our mind, be it regarding a career choice, being in a right relationship or simply the routine clockwork. Most of the times majority of these doubts have no roots or base, they are something I refer to as troubled children of our imagination.

Parents are not worried about the child who is sincere but what keeps them on their toes all the time is a troubled or notorious child. Likewise, the so-called troubled child of our imagination brings with it the thoughts of anxiety, doubt, and confusion about the things that are yet to happen. “What if he’ll dump me?” What if I fail?” or even “What if I fumble everything that is going well?”

“What the troubled thought brings then”? She asked with eyes wide open.

“Worst case scenarios to all such questions.” He replied.

“But they may come true, mustn’t they”? She inquired.

“They may not. Isn’t it equally likely?” He said.

“But we never know what we’ll get, do we?” She smirked.

That is the catch, why should the unknowns be negative always?” He asked.

Agreeing to the argument she told him “Forrest’s mother actually implied this:

Forrest, Life is like a chocolate box, you never know what you’ll get unless you open the box with an excitement of the child who does not care where things unfold, else you’ll surely end up missing that spice of life which we all know as SURPRISE”

As they say “Too much analysis leads to paralysis.” Sometimes it’s better not to direct the flow but being with the flow is all that phase asks for…:)




The Vocal Silence


They say silence is the strongest of the conversations. Even the dumbest of the silences have time and again created chaos in the environment they persisted. As do the products have a life cycle, so do the conversations have it.

The first phase, as we all know, is Introduction, where some of the best conversations among two souls happen. A phase when the brightest of the thoughts are exchanged and both the souls go out of their way to surprise each other. A phase where plethora of stories get conceived and most of the dreams get the nourishment of what it would be like when this or that will happen type of thoughts.

The second phase, yes, the Growth, when the conversation gets deeper and richer. Deep as an abyss, wide as the two ends of horizon. The phase when most of the ideas, dreams, and future is planned. A phase when none of the two soul ever think about a moment where there is a void between the flows of thoughts. They flow seamlessly, flawlessly with the growing conversation.

As every product reaches its peak, so do the conversation, and one fine day, the Maturity, yes, the third phase arrives. The time when conversation reaches the zenith of its lifetime, the time when the lustre, the sheen, the gleam starts to signal the climax. It is this very moment when an unwanted part of the conversation takes birth, the genesis of Silence happens…

The conversing souls starts to differ in thoughts, the much needed fuel for the growth of the voids between the free flows of thoughts. Yes, the Decline silently overcasts the flow of thoughts. The vocal silences hunt the sheen carrying thoughts. They over power the conversations and what finally remains is mere sentences with superficial or no meaning and seemingly unending vocal silence everywhere.

Probably, no one want such a scary phase of silence in a once blooming conversation.

She asked, “Is there no way out?”

“Of course there is. There is always a silver lining.” He replied.

“And where is it?” She inquired.

In the extension of thoughts, in the belief that conversations matter, in the purest of their forms, in the most naked of the ways, where there is no room for those silences to get their fuel to grow. He replied.

But I do not think it can happen like it used to happen before” She doubted.

“I agree.” He nodded.

“What!” She said being amazed.

“Because, now you do not think it can, formerly you never thought why it cannot”

There was a long silence between them. Probably the beliefs were struggling to win over the vocal silence or else one of them had accepted the decline… 🙂