All that glitters…

He told them, “You would be thinking that we are going to cover advanced training in this institute. Not exactly, before you unlearn all the wrong methods and techniques in your previous training of any form…”

They all abide by him thinking advanced, top ranked institute’s trainer/teacher/guide knows better than anyone and everyone teaching or guiding elsewhere.


They say that the real process of learning is unlearning old things and learning newer and advanced ones with time. Maybe true for some things but not all.

We attend same courses in many stages of our learning career be it education, arts, sports or any other field. Every time we attend the same course, we experience two things, either we feel disappointed or we get a whole new perspective about the topic. In today’s fast moving life, the second feeling has become rare where most of such overhyped and excellently marketed sessions end up disappointing most of us most of the time.

In one of his rare most sessions he said, “Today people impress others with their personalities but ditch others with their characters” and probably most of us have experienced this with people who impressed us with their first few impressions but disappointed us with time.

So what is the big deal? What is our loss in such scenarios?

Let us understand this by a relation. Personalities often impress, impressions evoke actions, and every action has its consequence, good or bad. When we are impressed by a false personality, we often question our old values that have so far helped us achieve whatever we have in our areas of specialization. We take actions to alter those values, those methods, those techniques and end up creating career disasters, and ultimately questioning our own abilities to achieve. Think about a legend in some point of time whose career ended in pain because of this very fact, you’ll find many.

She asked, “Shouldn’t I learn new methods then?”

He replied,” Question their authenticity first, scrutinize their sources and check their compatibility with your real strengths and values

She inquired, “So, not all the new things are worth adopting?”

“Absolutely not”, He affirmed.

“So old is gold”, She laughed. They both laughed recognizing the fact that not all the data is information and not all the new techniques are relevant to everyone…

“Choose wisely Harry, both, the teacher and the teaching” 😉